Chelsea Market Must Eats

New York’s Chelsea Market is one of every NYC foodie’s favorite places to go. On average, the 1.2 million square foot food court is visited by nine million people per year. The market, which is also home to offices, shops, TV studios, and raw food providers, is busy at any time of day. With so many people and so many food options, how do you know which to go for?  In our opinion, if you leave Chelsea Market, without trying these FIVE EATS, you’ve done it all wrong.

1. Doughnuttery

Although pricey, there is something for everyone at the Doughnuttery. After your mini donut is made in front of your eyes, you can choose how you want to top it from 23 flavors. Served hot, these small donuts are packed with lots of flavors.

What to order? The fruity cereal doughnuts. These aren’t too sweet, nor too filling, making them the perfect snack for any time of the day.

2. Takumi Tacos

Takumi Tacos is definitely one of our favorite food places ever. Serving burritos, tacos, and bowls, Takumi serves food similar to chipotle with a Japanese twist. Takumi Tacos perfected “Japanese inspired Mexican food.”

What to order?  Spicy tuna tacos. Don’t even think twice. These fresh and tasty tacos, served in a crispy wonton shell, are absolute perfection.

3. Giovanni Rana

What’s cool about Giovanni Rana is that there are two parts to the restaurant. You can choose whether to sit down at the restaurant, or order at the quick service stand. We decided to try Giovanni Rana when we heard about their chocolate ravioli. When you sit at the restaurant, you can choose to order a single pasta, or take a pasta adventure, tasting either 3,4, or five kinds of pasta of your choice.

What to order? Definitely the truffle mushroom ravioli, and the spinach-ricotta ravioli.

4. Seed & Mill

Seed & Mill is any sesame lover’s dream. From tahini ice cream to multiple flavors of halva, Seed & Mill is extremely unique. We have their delicious tahini at home and find any excuse to eat it. The best thing they sell is the halva that melts in your mouth. When you get to Seed & Mill, you may be overwhelmed by all the different flavors or halva in front of you like we were. While they are all delicious, we had to choose one favorite.

What to order? Our favorite, the Pistachio Halva.

5. L’Arte del Gelato

If you love ice cream, you understand the art of gelato — the texture, consistency, and unique flavor. L’Arte del Gelato serves up flavors for all — sour, sweet, and salty. Gelato doesn’t seem like anything that can be served unique, right? You expect a cone full of the flavor of your choice. Not at L’Arte del Gelato. They allow you to get more unique.

What to order? The Affogato alla Cioccolata Calda — al Mascarpone Gelato with hot Italian Chocolate and whipped cream.Photo: L’Arte del Gelato

Have you visited the Chelsea Market in New York before? Share your favorite eats there with us in the comments below!

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