Loco Coco

Why drink a smoothie from a cup when you could spoon it from a bowl? A bowl gives you toppings, duh. Acai, pitaya, coconut, and kale bowls have appealed to health freaks for a while. Now, they are finally starting to spread to those who don’t live the healthiest lifestyle. The first time I tried a smoothie bowl was in New Jersey, and I fell in love.

I tried acai bowls from all different places in New York, but none of them hit the same spot that my first bowl did until I tried LOCO COCO. Loco Coco, a newly opened smoothie bowl shop on 63nd and Lexington Avenue, is absolutely amazing. There delicious, vegan, and kosher bowls are blended perfectly and topped with fresh and exotic toppings, such as edible flowers and golden raspberries. Loco Coco serves acai and pitaya smoothie bowl blends,delicious smoothies, and juices. My favorite was the ‘Mint Condition’ pitaya bowl. No visit to Loco Coco is complete without a picture in front of the neon “Loco Coco” sign! Get there ASAP and get ready to finally love the taste healthy food.

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  1. nancynasser says:

    U have described these dishes to be so mouth watering I can’t wait to try them …. also the pictures are beautiful!

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    1. NYCDopeFoods says:

      Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think!


  2. nancynasser says:

    You might want to think about publishing a magazine about food or become a world famous food critic 👍👍

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