Nomo Soho

The NoMo SoHo Hotel in New York City is where you could find NoMo Kitchen restaurant. NoMo Kitchen is stylish, upscale, and chic. My overall experience at the restaurant was wonderful. I sat there to eat lunch while sunlight glared through the glass panels on the ceiling, making it the perfect spot for pictures.

I loved that the restaurant was very roomy and had an organic feel to it. We ate at around 3:00, and the restaurant was busy for a late afternoon. Despite the crowded restaurant, we had no wait and the service was impeccable. Our waiter tried his best to help us in every way possible.

Finally, the food. It was truly delicious. My two favorite dishes were the Burrata and Kale Salad. We licked every plate clean. The burrata had a lemon-mint taste to it, which I loved. It was served with fennel, my favorite!! I really love lemon, which is why I loved the Kale Salad. I’m not the biggest fan of kale but this salad was extraordinary and any lemon-lover’s dream. The only dish that I wouldn’t order again is the Tuna Tartare. Although the presentation was gorgeous, the dish did not have much flavor to it.

Another great thing about NoMo is it’s convenient location– there’s nothing better than a day of eating and shopping! Overall, I would go back to NoMo Kitchen in a heartbeat. Beyond the delicious food, the vibes there were awesome. I took a look at the breakfast menu at the kitchen and decided that the next meal I’d have at NoMo would definitely be breakfast. 

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