Chuao Chocolatier

Chuao Chocolatier: These chocolates have always caught my eye in the supermarket but for some reason I made the big mistake of never buying them until recently. These gourmet chocolates are drool-worthy. I now know why  Chuao Chocolatier  was named a “Top 10 Chocolatier in North America” by Dessert Professional Magazine.  I always liked chocolate, but was never able to eat too much of it. That was until I got the opportunity to try some of Chuao Chocolatier’s bars. Every bar is amazing, but the Pool Party Pretzel from the California Collection is to die for. The milk chocolate bar is filled with crushed pretzels and crunchy toffee, creating the perfect texture and salty, yet sweet, flavor. I also recommend trying the Cheeky Cheeky Churro bar if you like dark chocolate. It is a combination of crunchy, sweet cinnamon and sugar churro, swirled in chocolate.

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