Poke Restaurant

This month, I decided to take a trip to the Upper East Side to try Poke Restaurant which, by the way, is all the rage in NYC nowadays. New York City is known for pizza, cheesecake, deli, bagels, pretzels, and much more… but not sushi. For a while, I’ve said that I’ve had much better sushi outside of New York. That all changed when I tried Poke Restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I walked in at around 8:00 pm on a Thursday night and was told the wait was an hour. Because of fomo, I waited. While I was waiting, I ran to the bank because this casual, BYOB joint, is cash only. I was really excited to try this restaurant because if it lived up to the hype, it’d be perfect. What would be better than a casual, yet tasty, sushi place that is desperately needed on NYC’s Upper East Side. Spoiler: it most definitely lived up to the hype.


When I sat down, before even opening up the menu, I ordered the spicy miso soup because it was something I have heard about from some friends. After tasting it, I was upset because the soup actually didn’t reach my expectations. Then I ordered the tuna tataki as an appetizer. Mark my words: it was the best tuna tataki I have ever had. I ordered a few sushi rolls, all fresh and delicious. One item on the menu made this one of the best sushi meals I’ve ever had: the truffle roll. This sushi roll combined two of my favorite foods- salmon maki rolls and truffle oil. This was one of those foods you crave even when you’re stomach hurts becasue you’re too full. It’s that great. Whenever anyone asks me for a restaurant recommendation in New York, this automatically pops into my head.The name is misleading however, because the restaurant does not serve any sort of poke bowls. The only downsides here are that you may be waiting a while for your food, the space is very loud, cash-only, BYOB, and the portions are pretty small. But if you have the time, do not pass up the opportunity to try Poke Restaurant. It’s an NYC must eat!

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