Giambri’s Quality Sweets

At this year’s summer fancy food show, I got a chance to try Giambri’s famous porous lemon sticks. These hand pulled lemon-flavored hard candy rods with a porous center are delicious. Because of the porous center, these sticks are made to serve as a straw for fresh lemon juice. This idea is AMAZING. Stick the candy into a lemon and sip on the stick. The lemon juice gets mixed with the sweet candy to create a delicious snack. You can also use the sticks as straws for other beverages, such as iced tea, to add a twist!

We also got a chance to try Giambri’s chocolate covered pretzels. We tried their Belgian Chocolate Covered Pretzels and really enjoyed them. The sweet milk chocolate really brought out the flavor of the salty pretzel. Although the bag comes with 16 large-sized pretzels, one is the perfect snack for any time. We definitely recommend both of these products to anyone with a sweet tooth!

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