The Tao of Tea

I’ve always been a tea drinker. Caffeinated, decaffeinated, hot, cold, fruity, herbal, green, black – I love it all. When I walked passed The Tao of Tea booth at the Fancy Food Show, I sampled one of their delicious teas and knew I had to try more. I made sure to get some more flavors in my hand as soon as possible. I was so excited when I saw the box of teas at my door. I tried nine of The Tao of Tea’s flavors and would purchase each one of them again. The Tao of Tea sell loose, bagged, and bottled teas as well as kombucha. These teas are priced very fairly for the amazing quality of tea. But my absolute favorite? The Bollywood tea. This tea is made from hibiscus, rose, and ginger. The combination is perfect. The rose gives the tea a gorgeous aroma. The hibiscus results in the warmness of the tea’s flavor, and the ginger brings out a flavor that is so unique. Sweeten these decaffeinated teas for the perfect calming tea. My second favorite tea was the Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. This tea has a delicious smell and taste. I’ve tried Jasmine tea from many different brands and would say that this smooth tea is definitely one of my favorites. At the risk of sounding corny, I can really taste the love that they put into their blends.  I really appreciate that the Tao of Tea focuses on finding fresh teas made with traditional methods, as well as rare and interesting varietals and cultivars. The company tries to highlight small farms, organic growers and tea artisans!  I hope you are lucky enough to try any one of their delicious varieties.


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