Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely makes the perfect chocolate bars to snack on any time. My favorite bar is the milk chocolate caramel sea salt. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but I still loved the dark chocolate coffee crunch bar. Every single one of these bars are rich in flavor. I tried six of their flavors and would buy each one again. I also love that these bars come in such funky shapes. The different sized chunks allow you to have any sized piece, depending on your mood. What’s special about Tony’s Chocolonley is that they make delicious bars while working hard to end child slavery in the industry. There is nothing better than discovering that a brand I love has a meaningful mission; it’s the best of both worlds! When I emailed the company to tell them I was considering writing this post, they expressed gratitude but also made sure that I knew that the brand was more than simple chocolate bars. They showed me how much their mission truly meant to them, and it made me love their brand even more. I had never realized that child slavery in the chocolate industry was such a big issue. Now that I do, I am going to make sure to support Tony’s Chocolonely. Finally feel good about eating chocolate!

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