Wild Hibiscus Co.

I love getting creative in the kitchen, especially when it comes to experimenting with lots of colors. So, when I decided to try some products from , I was really excited. My favorite products were the hibiscus flowers in syrup and the hibiscus flower extract. I use them to make mock-tails (and the occasional cocktail)! Mix some fresca with the extract and place a flower inside for the perfect drink on a hot day. You can also use the flowers to decorate desserts. Make sure eat the flower at the end because they are delicious! You can also use the syrup that the flowers come in for sauces or desserts. I also really enjoyed their blue-tea flower tea. The bright blue color is beautiful and the mild flavor is perfection when you sweeten it with some honey. The Wild Hibiscus Co. salt flakes were also a favorite of mine. The salt can be used as a cocktail rimming, for cooking, or in a salt grinder. Wild Hibiscus Co. makes it easy to make something that is both gorgeous and delicious. They have the perfect products for anyone who loves to entertain. These kosher, gluten-free, 100% natural and environmentally friendly products even have health attributes; they’re truly perfect!

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