A Review: Sahale Snacks

If you’re like me, you are a big fan of snacking. Snack foods are one of my favorite kinds of foods because they’re tasty and convenient. I was recently traveling from New York to California and one of the snacks that I had with me were the wonderfully delicious Sahale Snacks.

I tried three flavors and they were all delicious. The first ones I tried were the Pomegranate Vanilla Glazed Cashews. These have the perfect balance of the salty nuts and the sweet pomegranates. What makes it even better is the crunch of the nut with the softness of the dried fruits– definitely a good option if you have a sweet tooth. The next flavor I tried was the Valdosta Glazed Pecans. These were my favorite not only because I’m a big fan of pecans, but also because the flavor profile was amazing. You got the sweetness from the glaze, but there was also pepper on the nuts, which made for an interesting and delicious surprise. The last flavor I tried was the Thai Cashews. This flavor was less sweet than the others, but definitely still enjoyable. There was a perfect blend of spices and seasoning. These definitely contained a lot of the staple flavors in Thai cuisine, like pineapple, soy, lemongrass, and sesame.

Overall these made for delicious snacks, and they’re pretty healthy, too, not to mention the ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and crafted. These nuts are perfect for any on-the-go snacking needs you may have and can be found at your local grocery store as well as online on Amazon or Target.

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