A Review: La Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca, a beautifully decorated eatery in midtown, is probably my favorite restaurant at the moment. Sleek, chic, and delicious, makes La Pecora Bianca a spot you don’t want to miss. However, make sure you make a reservation because they fill up quick.

I love open kitchens– they make me feel better about what I eat. Last week I had the pleasure of sitting by the open kitchen during my meal at La Pecora Bianca. I ate late, around 10:30 p.m., and the restaurant was extremely busy. But regardless of the time and packed restaurant, the staff was extremely friendly nonetheless.


IMG_7789My meal started with an order of burrata. Served with roasted apples, salsa verde, and pine nuts, the appetizer was tasty and surprisingly light. The chef surprised us by topping the cheese with fresh truffle shavings, creating a dish with the perfect balance of flavor.


For my main course, I went a little overboard, ordering both, the spaghetti pomodoro, as well as orata, a white IMG_7805fish. When I ate the beautifully presented pasta, I could easily tell that it was very fresh pasta. It was definitely one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. But if I had to recommend an entree, it’d be the orata. The fish was not only beautiful but absolutely delicious. A lover of lemon, I would actually consider it one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever had.


And of course, I ordered a side of brussel sprouts because well, who could resist brussel sprouts? I promise that these brussel sprouts, coated in rosemary honey and chili flakes, are delicious. To accompany my meal, I ordered a hibiscus tea which I also really enjoyed.



Lastly, I had dessert. If you know me, you know I can’t help myself with dessert so I tried both the cannoli and the Nutella tart. I watched the cannoli be filled in front of me; however, I would have been able to know how fresh it was just by tasting it. Because La Pecora Bianca freshly fills their cannolis, the shells remain crunchy, a perfect contrasting texture from the delicious cream inside. And of course, we save the best for last– the Nutella tart. As a lover of Nutella, I usually order whichever dessert has Nutella. But this was dish was truly out of this world. Even if you aren’t hungry for dinner, go to La Pecora for their amazing desserts.
You should definitely check out La Pecora Bianca during NYC restaurant week.

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