No Cow: Vanilla Caramel Protein Bar

A dairy-free Vanilla Caramel Protein Bar, or Hershey’s bar? I thought Hershey’s, but I was SO SO wrong.

I recently tried No Cow’s protein & energy bars. All of their products are dairy-free, sugar-free, and high in protein. I tasted the Vanilla Caramel Protein Bar when I got super hungry in class and I must say it not only satiated my hunger, but was also delicious. The caramel flavor and the notes of vanilla were present and strong. Imagine a Werther’s Originals Hard Candy but dairy-free, sugar-free, and packed with protein. That is the Vanilla Caramel Protein Bar. As I took my first bite, the first thing I realized was the interesting texture– a bit chalky, strange, and confusing one. Although the texture was unfamiliar, it wasn’t a bad one– I ate the entire bar and loved each bite. This texture is interesting because it forced me to spend my time eating the bar,  unlike other bars that are pop and go. This was awesome because it allowed me to really get a feel for and appreciate the flavors.  The Vanilla Caramel Protein Bar is definitely a favorite for me, and I can see myself eating many of these in the future- THIS IS A MUST TRY. 9/10!


You can purchase 12 bars for $24.99 here.

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