Rind Snacks

Fruit with the peel on or off? That is thy question.

I’ve always been a peel on type of girl for reasons other than my laziness and lacking ability to cut without hurting myself- I just want to bite right into a whole fruit without any of that peel and slice nonsense or hassle.  I also think the peels can be quite delicious!

I recently found one of my new favorite snacks… drum roll please (this one deserves it)… Rind Snacks. Rind Snacks reinvented the world of dried fruit. They logically realized that there was no reason in peeling off the rinds, skins, or peels when making dried fruit. Why would you peel off the skin of fruits if those are the main sources of fiber & beneficial nutrients? You shouldn’t. And Rind Snacks doesn’t. Rind Snacks is unique in that they dry fruits with the rind on, leaving each bite a nutritious and delicious one. When I took my first bite of the Kiwi flavor, 🥝 I was quite skeptical but I was mistaken to be– consider it tangy perfection.  Besides Kiwi, my other favorite Rind flavors would be tangy peach & tropical blend. If you haven’t tried Rind Snacks yet, you are missing out!

Rind Snacks are currently sold out on their website (no  surprise there!), but you can purchase them on Amazon!

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