Miraval Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I am not the best at healthy cooking. Healthy cooking is difficult and timely. However, when I do cook healthy, I always prefer to use olive oil instead of any other type of oil. In terms of cooking, I strongly believe that one’s choice of olive oil is more important than people make it out to me. When done well, olive oil can be a dominant source of a dish’s flavor.

I have tried many fine olive oils, but I am sure that I just found my favorite one: Miraval’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I knew that this product was the real deal from the get go, as it came packaged in a black sandstone bottle to protect the fine product from UV rays and extreme temperature. So, the exterior is definitely sleek! Even better, this product is shipped from the vineyard of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- OMG!!!!

In terms of taste, this olive oil can best be described as exquisite. Producer Marc Perrin said the organic oil has hints of “almond, hazelnut and stewed artichokes,” and I would strongly agree. It is light and tasteful, truly capturing the aroma of its region. The texture of the oil is one that would work well for cooking or as a topping. This is because it is truly of utmost quality, and the flavor truly shines through! This oil is great to top off a caprese salad, or tomato soup!


Purchase this incredible product here! 

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